If your not interested in an open boat or want a boat for a catered event, our elegant salon boat can service your needs.

Closed but with a backside open part (which can be closed as well)

It started in 1910, at a shipyard in Bolnes. Specific craftsmanship delivers to a unique design one of the largest saloon boats: 13.50 meters long, 2.50 meters wide and with a saloon of 5 meters. A clipperkop and an overhanging fence (so-called swept butt). Actually already a sailing monument. Good for the prestige of the notables on their trips through the Amsterdam canals. But in due the hand of time much beauty was lost. Despite all good intentions, Ms. “Agatha”, via Limburg, a (provisional) end on dry land! On a parking lot in Marken.

Now the baton of the 14 years has been changed to another owner who will do everything to make this beautiful ship survive the test of time and make it available to a broader audience in a new way. For example, the Ms. Agatha is fully electrically powered and certified to take ‘safe’ to a maximum of 32 guests on a cruise through the canals.
Thus, a unique piece of history, craftsmanship and beauty sail through the Amsterdam canals. Formerly reserved to the members of the Foundation and its sponsors, Ms. “Agatha” now also accessible to every interested person. As a reception room for foreign guests, as a meeting place with a breath of fresh air, or as a restaurant for an intimate dinner and as a safe haven for jubilee, staff parties with earlam, as ….
It is still possible to join the foundation as a sponsor or donor. However, you can now reserve the Ms.Agatha without this obligation, so you also contribute to maintaining a classic ship on the Amsterdam canals.



☼ Luxe stoelen, met comfortabele kussens en dekens.
☼ 100% elektrische aandrijving, dus geen uitlaat.
☼ Fluister boot, dus geen vervelende geluiden.
☼ Een bar met volledige uitrusting.
☼ Lengte van 9 meter lang en 2.5 meter breed, dus in staat om door de kleinere grachten te gaan.
☼ De leukste kapitein die alle kleine geheimen kent. Hij zal de tour extra speciaal maken.


☼ Minimale afname van 2 uur is verplicht
☼ Tenminste een van de drankopties moeten worden afgenomen
☼ Is de groep wat groter! Geen probleem laat het ons weten en we regelen het voor je.
☼ Voor meer infomatie of reserveringen kunt u ons bereiken op [email protected]