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The Green Marine, allows you to rent a boat in Amsterdam in a green way. The Green Marine is 100% electric so you and your company can cruise through the canals and reduce your environmental footprint. Rent a environmental friendly boat Besides the green way of travelling, the Green Marine is a beautiful open boat and very comfortable. The boat is licencesd for a capacity of 45 passengers, although Flagship Amsterdam recommends a maximum 35 passengers so all your friends can stand and sit comfortable. You can choose for a drink package to enjoy a real luxurious cruise with sodas, wine, beer, mixers or a delicious cocktail! A great way to enjoy day with friends, family or co-workers.

You will book this boat or a similar 100% electrical luxury open boat

During rainy days we will cruise with a canopy/rain cover


☼ Luxurious seats, with comfortabel pillows and blankets.
☼ 100% electric drive, so no exhaust.
☼ Whisper engine, so no anoying sounds.
☼ A clean toilet.
☼ Length of 9 meters long and 2,5 meters wide, so able to go through the smaller canals.
☼ Including a skipper who can show you around .


☼ Purchase drink package (unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks) is mandatory
☼ External speakers are prohibited in the canals of Amsterdam
☼ Helium or smoking is not allowed on board
☼ You can change your booking up to 48 hours in advance
☼ In case of rain, our boats cruise with a rain cover
☼ For more information or reservations, please contact [email protected]

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