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canal cruise Amsterdam

Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

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canal cruise Amsterdam

Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Are you looking for a fun activity in Amsterdam? Look no further: our canal cruise in Amsterdam is the activity for you. Not only do we think so, as we were voted best outing by Tripadvisor, worldwide! At Flagship Amsterdam, you will be sure of:

  • An enthusiastic skipper and host on board;
  • Cruising past the most beautiful sights;
  • Having a cold drink in your hand.

We are known for our personalised tours with experienced, local skippers. Want to know more about a canal cruise in Amsterdam? Our team is day and night at your service to make your canal cruise unforgettable.

canal cruise Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Are you curious about an Amsterdam canal cruise and do you want to know how the locals feel every day? Then book your canal cruise today. We have listed some of the sights in advance, so you will get an idea of the places we will sail past. The canal cruises go through Amsterdam’s unique, UNESCO-listed canals as standard.

For example, you will cruise past the beautiful houseboats moored along the Prinsengracht, before passing under the iconic Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug) via the Amstel River. From there, you will cruise towards the iconic ‘7 bridges’ that connect Amsterdam’s main canals, the Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. The Amsterdam canal cruise does not have a fixed route. Ask our skipper for the route that suits you the best.

canal cruise Amsterdam

Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Do you opt for a luxury canal cruise, a saloon boat cruise, a canal cruise through the Red-Light-District, or do you prefer an evening canal cruise Amsterdam while watching the lights on the bridges light up the water of the canals? This is all possible with a canal cruise of Flagship Amsterdam. During the canal cruise you will be able to:

  • Take beautiful photos of Amsterdam from the water;
  • Learn more about the Amsterdam canals, its rich history and admire the city’s most famous landmarks.

Here you will find more about a canal cruise in Amsterdam.

Free cancellations

Plans changed? No problem! Cancel up to 24 hours before your cruise starts and you will get your money back.

Personal cruise

Enjoy a personal canal cruise through Amsterdam with an enthusiastic, genuine local skipper.

Service oriented

We are available 24/7 to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us via phone, email and/or WhatsApp.

canal cruise Amsterdam

Amsterdam Luxury Canal Cruise

With a luxury canal cruise in Amsterdam, you will sail through the historic canals originating from the Golden Age. Cruise through the Jordaan, a district known for its famous Prinsengracht, towards the most romantic Skinny Bridge, the Amstel River, the 7 bridges and past the imposing Golden Bend, before sailing back to the location where you embarked via the Nine Streets.

  • From € 19,95 per person;
  • 60-minute canal cruise.
canal cruise Amsterdam

Luxury Saloon Boat Cruise

Discover our beautiful capital on a luxury saloon boat cruise, while enjoying a good glass of wine and delicious Dutch cheese. Cruise past Amsterdam’s sights, monuments and leard more about the history and secrets of the city. Board a classic, luxury saloon boat and enjoy the luxury saloon boat cruise.

  • From € 33,95 per person;
  • 60-minute cruise.
canal cruise Amsterdam

Amsterdam Evening Cruise

Board Amsterdam’s best evening canal cruise done by Flagship Amsterdam. Small, personal and unique! At night, the bridges and streets are illuminated and there’s hardly traffic. This gives a different view of the ‘normally so hectic’ city, while you enjoy snacks and drinks for 60 minutes on, for example, saloon boat Ms Agatha, the sailing monument.

  • From € 21,95 per person;
  • 60-minute evening cruise.
canal cruise Amsterdam

Luxury Canal Cruise with Unlimited Drinks

Set sail with Flagship Amsterdam to explore the heart of Amsterdam on a relaxing canal cruise with unlimited drinks. Glide along the water and soak in stunning views of iconic landmarks like the Prinsengracht, the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge), and the famous Golden Bend on the Herengracht. Unwind and enjoy our unique canal cruise experience while taking in the beauty of Amsterdam with drinks flowing freely.

  • From € 23,95 per person
  • 60-minute cruise

Tripadvisor reviews

What others think of Flagship Amsterdam

Amazing experience

"We rented a big boat for Gaypride and we had such a great experience! The boat was perfect, in a great spot, and... working with Eduke was great. He was SO nice and patient with us, and reliable. "

Beautiful cruise, beautiful boat, excellent service!

"A day out with family in Amsterdam - a beautiful city when you walk around but you only see the real beauty of it from the water! Giel and Carrie were super and created a good, relaxed atmosphere on board with nice stories about Amsterdam. Thank you for an unforgettable hour on the Amsterdam canals!"

Very nice cruise

"This is the cruise you should take! Why choose one of those standard tour boats when you could choose this one!! Super relaxed. It was so much fun! I highly recommend this."

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A canal cruise can already be booked from € 19,95 per person. For € 23,95 per person you’ll discover the City Centre with an open bar on board. Would you like to enjoy cheese and wine during a canal cruise? You can book this cruise from € 33,95. We also offer private canal cruises. Fill in the calculator and request a quote.

This varies for each canal cruise. At Flagship Amsterdam, we offer both public canal cruises and private canal cruises. More information about the private canal cruises can be found on this page. Do you prefer to go on a public canal cruise? Then we offer 4 options, each of which is a 60-minute canal cruise.

Our canal cruises start from various locations. For instance, it is possible to depart from Central Station, the Anne Frank house, the Stationsplein 36, or the Rijksmuseum. This also means there are four different cruising routes. If you choose to depart from the Anne Frank house, you wille pass the impressive Golden Bend on the Herengracht, the Amstel river and along the romantic Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug).

Everything about a canal cruise in Amsterdam

If you opt for a canal cruise in Amsterdam, you will soon discover that the entire city is connected by water. Amsterdam’s canals are on the UNESCO heritage list, an essential part of the city’s history, which has made it a much-visited attraction for visitors from all over the world. With more than 165 canals, amounting to about 100 kilometres, Amsterdam has more canals than there are in Venice. In addition, the city has 1500 bridges. Paris may be the city of love, but besides Amsterdam having more bridges than Paris, we also have the most romantic bridge in the city, the Skinny Bridge. Make your visit to Amsterdam complete with canal cruise through Amsterdam.

Architecture during a canal cruise

From the water, the city’s historic, unique architecture comes to life. For instance, it is possible to sail past the Eye film museum, the charasteric canal houses and the Scheepsvaartmuseum. Would you like yo experience the city’s architecture from a different point of view? Then there is only one thing to do and that is to book your canal cruise with Flagship Amsterdam, because this is something you don’t want to miss!

Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s first canals were dug during the Middle Ages for city defence and water management. Amsterdam’s three main canals, the Herengracht, the Keizersgracht and the Prinsengracht were dug at the same time. It took 50 years until the canals were completed. Meanwhile, the city had quadrupled in size and from then on Amsterdam had the most efficient waterway system in the world. As a result, Amsterdam became one of the largest merchants in the world. Discover these canals from the water with a canal cruise in Amsterdam.

Today, Amsterdam’s canals are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and this is something we should be extremely proud of, so would you like to experience the canals from up close? Then book a canal cruise through Amsterdam with Flagship Amsterdam. Want to book a canal cruise with food? Then take a look at the different canal cruises we offer.

Amsterdam canal cruise during summer

It’s summer, you feel cheerful and you feel like going out at spend your day outside. You often choose to go to a crowded beach, or to melt away on a terrace – where you also have to wait a long time for your drink. We are happy to help, hereby the perfect solution: book a cruise through Amsterdam’s canals with Flagship Amsterdam. While you enjoy sailling on the waters of Amsterdam, the boats passing your boat while you have a cold drink in your hand, our experienced skipper will take you past the city’s most beautiful sights and our host knows all the secrets the city has to offer. For example, do you know why most canal houses are crooked? Book a canal cruise with Flagship Amsterdam and find out the answer, see you soon.

Canal cruise during winter

The days are getting colder and the nights longer, it’s winter. That can only mean one thing: the city is once again filled with millions of (Chrismas) lights, and what could be more magical than the lights lighting up the canals in the dark? During winter, the city offers several activities and we believe that a canal cruise through Amsterdam’s canals is the number one choice when it comes to winter activities.

In the evening, the bridges light up and you can quietly enjoy the silence that reigns over the city streets, all while sitting on a beautiful, covered canal cruise boat. In addiotion, the annual Amsterdam Light Festival takes place in winter. During this festival, you sail past various light artworks specially designed by (inter)national artists.

What is the best canal cruise in Amsterdam?

What is the most fun private canal cruise Amsterdam? We have the answer to your question – Flagship Amsterdam’s, of course! TripAdvisor already crowned our hard work with the title: #1 best experience in the world! Discover it for yourself during a canal cruise Amsterdam. Read more about boat rental Amsterdam.

Customer-friendliness, environmental awareness and hospitality are paramount at Flagship Amsterdam. We manage to create this through our enthusiastic skippers/hosts, 100% electric boats, extensive bar and accompanying service. All these points ensure that we can offer you a unique experience, which will be etched in your memory forever. So are you as curious about our boat trip Amsterdam as the rest of the world? Then now is the time to make your visit to Amsterdam unforgettable by booking a canal cruise through the Amsterdam canals!

Would you like more information about our canal cruises in Amsterdam? Then contact us at info@flagshipamsterdam.com. Would you prefer to hire a boat in Amsterdam yourself? If you’d like to hire an open boat, check out more on this page: sloop hire Amsterdam. Then also take a look at our packages, such as the BBQ boat Amsterdam and the cocktail boat Amsterdam.