Private Boat Rental In Amsterdam

Have The Boat To Yourselves!

Boat Rental (2 Hours) (Long boat) (exc. VAT)
Boat Rental (2 Hours) (Saloon boat) (exc. VAT)
Additional Hour (exc. VAT)
Beverage Package (starting from p.p.p.h) (exc. VAT)


Can you not guarantee the safety of other passengers when you bring your friends, family, or colleagues? Or do you just hate other people? Then the best thing to do is to rent your own private boats so you can cruise on your own ‘private island’ in the middle of the hectic city. Make any ‘Amsterdammer’ jealous by cruising one of our boats! Our boats are perfect for smaller groups that are looking for a way to celebrate a birthday party, business trip, bachelor party, a wedding proposal, or for folks that are too lazy to walk and want a water taxi to show them around while sit back and relax. In other words: anybody that is looking for a deal on a great canal boat hire in Amsterdam. Because life is too short!

Why share the boat when you can have it all? Rent your own boat in Amsterdam and decide for yourself where to go and what to do during your tour in Amsterdam. At the end of the day, you will regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did do (great caption for your epic photos by the way).

We start (and finish) at the Anne Frank House, address: Prinsengracht 263. Other pick-up locations are possible in consultation. From this location, we sail through the unique Unesco Heritage listed Golden Age canals of Amsterdam, its smallest canals, and much more. Our skipper is highly experienced and can help you with any plans or crazy ideas. An extra hostess can be added on board as well to serve the drinks and to make sure 5-star service is provided on your private Amsterdam canal cruise.




Flagship Drinks Basically fine (Basic)
Unlimited Heineken beer, wine and soft drinks:
€ 6.50 p.p. per hour (ice included)

Flagship Drinks Bubbly Medium (Medium)
Unlimited Heineken beer, wine, prosecco and soft drinks:
€ 8.50 p.p. per hour (ice included)

Flagship Drinks Captains deluxe (Luxe)
Unlimited Heineken beer, white wine, red wine, rose, prosecco,
Smirnoff vodka, Captain Morgan rum, Johnny Walker whiskey, Tanqueray
gin and soft drinks:
€ 11.50 p.p. per hour (ice included)

All prices are excluding VAT (9% on boat rental and food, 21% on drinks).


Flagship Luxurious snacks
Organic cheeses, fresh imported olives, the best humus in Amsterdam,
sausage of ‘Olijck’, and premium meats. All produce is sourced from
local suppliers. A plateau is composed of at least 10 people.
€ 9,50 p.p.

Flagship Luxurious snacks XL
Our regular plateau is composed for at least 10 people but if you
and your guests have a big appetite we also have the XL edition.
€ 14,50 p.p.