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To book a cruise through the Amsterdam canals, please visit www.flagshipamsterdam.com/Book your spot on the boat today! 

  • If you have made an online reservation for the public canal cruise, you are welcome to board the boat. This reservation says when and where the cruise will take place. It doesn’t matter if you book 5 minutes or a year before the cruise, but it’s best to book early to make sure you get a spot.  
  • To book a private canal cruise, you should book at least one week in advance. Please have a look at our fleet and choose the boat that best suits your preferences, and step aboard of a luxurious private boat.  
  • A reservation for a public canal cruise is available for a maximum of 24 people, provided there are sufficient seats on the boat.  
  • Flagship Amsterdam offers boats suitable for small and large groups, which are ideal for a private canal cruise. To find out more, email info@flagshipamsterdam.com. 
  • The public canal cruise is always in English.  
  • For the private canal cruise, it is possible to request a language preference. Flagship Amsterdam’s diverse team consists of different nationalities, so please ask about the possibilities when booking a private cruise.  

Children can sail for free up to the age of 3. However, it is mandatory that you keep your child on your lap. Children aged 3 to 11 have a special rate. There are no special rates for seniors or groups.  

Regrettably, our boats are not suitable for wheelchair users. We are willing to work with you to find a suitable solution.  

Certainly, bringing pets is allowed as long as it doesn’t disrupt other passengers. Kindly ensure consideration for fellow travelers and, if necessary, consult our team for specific guidelines or inquiries.

It’s not allowed to smoke on the boat.  

The boats do not have a Wi-Fi connection.  

During summer, our boats are not equipped with a canopy. Please note that we have enough umbrellas on board the boat to keep you dry during your cruise. If there is a heavy summer rain, the skipper will seek refuge.  

If the weather is bad, we have to cancel the cruise. We will notify you well in advance and rebook or cancel the reservation. If the cruise is cancelled, you will get a refund. 

  • During the public canal cruises, we cannot guarantee that there will be a toilet on board, as we do not know which boat will be used at the time of the cruise.  
  • Most boats used for private tours have a toilet on board. Do you want to make sure there is a toilet on the boat? Please contact us at info@flagshipamsterdam.com and specify that you require a toilet on board, so we can take this into account.  

We are unable to carry large items, such as a suitcase or pram, due to limited space. Do you have any luggage with you, as you need to head to the airport immediately after the canal cruise? Please ask our quay staff if there is any free space where you can store your belongings.  

  • Flagship Amsterdam is not liable for any loss, damage, or theft arising from this situation.  

Yes. The canal cruise is accompanied by a skipper and a host who will make sure you never forget this unique experience through the Amsterdam canals.  

  • A canal cruise with Flagship Amsterdam is different from any other cruise. Be surprised and enjoy the route chosen by the skipper. Cruise past famous sights, such as the world-famous Anne Frank House, the neighbourhood De Jordaan, the imposing Rijksmuseum, the Nine Streets, the Golden Bend and the romantic Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug), which, especially in the evening, offers a stunning view.
  • Have you booked a private canal cruise and do you want to plan the route yourself? Please let the skipper know at the beginning of the cruise so that you can plan the route together. 

Below you can find the closest car parks by location: 

To ensure the safety of our team, it is not possible to pay with cash. Therefore, we only accept payment methods, such as credit or debit cards.  

The salon boats are heated. During winter, we have plenty of blankets on board to keep you warm.  

In Amsterdam, it’s not allowed to play music on a boat while sailing through the canals. 

Public Canal Cruise

There are four departure locations. Check your ticket to find out from which location your cruise will depart. Our departure locations are listed below:

Depending on the type of cruise, a cruise through the Amsterdam canals takes about 60 minutes.

It’s not allowed to bring food or drinks on the boat. Our boats are equipped with a bar where you can choose something from the menu. Enjoy the cruise while our host prepares your order.  

Have your plans changed? No problem. It is possible to change the canal cruise via info@flagshipamsterdam.com. Are you unable to come? You are welcome to cancel up to 24 hours before the cruise and receive a refund.  

Private Canal Cruise

You can find the departure location at Oosterdokskade 8, next to the Chinese restaurant Sea Palace, and close to the Central Station. Would you prefer to embark from a different point of departure? This option is only available within Amsterdam, and we charge an additional fee. 

You have to rent the private boat for at least two hours. For further information about renting a boat in Amsterdam, please contact info@flagshipamsterdam.com. 

Sure! You can complete your private canal cruise in Amsterdam with one of the packages below: 

You may bring your catering on board the private boat. Please note that we charge extra fees, such as corkage. Contact us in advance and ask about the options.  

You can change or cancel your reservation, but you must let us know at least 7 days in advance.

Our biggest boat can hold up to 109 people. To ensure the safety of guests, we provide guidance on the maximum number of passengers that can be carried per boat and that will accommodate the occasion.  

Yes. Have a look at our Foodbook which has endless catering possibilities, from a three-course dinner to the tastiest snacks. Kindly let us know your dietary preferences in advance, so we can take them into consideration. Furthermore, please note that alterations can be made up to 72 hours in advance.  

There are. Would you like to have a singer on board? We will make it happen. Ask our team about entertainment options on board, info@flagshipamsterdam.com. 

Do you have a special route in mind? Let the skipper know at the beginning of the cruise. We wish you a great day on the water and lots of fun.