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Countryside Bike Tour

Guided Bike Tours Through Dutch Scenic Countryside

Countryside Bike Tour

A cycling experience to remember

Experience the Dutch countryside by bike! Departing from Amsterdam, our tour winds through iconic landmarks like the Rijksmuseum and Vondelpark, then into serene polder landscapes. Explore a windmill and visit a cheese farm/clog factory. Sample Gouda cheese and venture through the lowlands. Book now for a unique adventure!

  • Local Guide
  • A good Dutch bicycle with 3 gears and handbrakes
  • Visit a centuries-old cheese-making and clog-making farm
Countryside Bike Tour

Discover the Countryside around Amsterdam

  • Journey through the unique polder landscape, nestled below sea level.
  • Pedal past picturesque houseboats along the waterway.
  • Explore the lush, verdant pathways of Vondelpark.
  • Experience a historic cheese and clog-making farm dating back centuries.
  • Witness the charm of a traditional windmill from up close.

Extra information about the Bike Tour

The prices for the Countryside Bike Tour vary based on age and bike type. For adults (ages 18+), the rate is €49 for a regular bike and €66 for an E-Bike. Children (ages 12-17) can join for €40 with a regular bike and €57 with an E-Bike. Please note that the E-Bike option is suitable for children ages 12-17 who are 155cm and taller.

The Countryside Bike Tour includes a guided cycling experience lasting 3.5 to 4 hours, covering a distance of 20 kilometers (13 miles). Highlights include biking along the Amstel River, exploring the polder landscape below sea level, visiting a traditional cheese-making and clog-making farm, and seeing iconic Dutch windmills up close. The tour also provides a local guide, a quality Dutch bicycle with 3 gears and handbrakes, and rain clothes if necessary.

Yes, cycling experience is required for our tours, including the Countryside Bike Tour. Our guides cannot accommodate those without sufficient experience on the bike due to safety concerns for both the individual and the group.

Until March 31st, 2024, the meeting point is at A-Bike Vondelpark, located at Tesselschadestraat 1E, 1054 ET Amsterdam.

From April 1st, 2024 onwards, the meeting point changes to Mike’s Bike Tours, situated at Oosterdoksstraat 106, 1011DK Amsterdam.

Highlights of the Countryside Bike Tour include cycling through Amsterdam’s famous Vondelpark, exploring the polder landscape below sea level, visiting a cheese-making and clog-making farm to witness traditional craftsmanship, and experiencing the scenic beauty of Dutch countryside living. Additionally, participants will see iconic windmills up close and pass by picturesque houseboats along the way.

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