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Looking for something to spice up your cruise through the Amsterdam canals? We offer a wide range of catering options, so everyone enjoys a varied menu. Are you intolorant or allergic to certain products? Let us know in advance so we can take this into account. From simple snacks to full-service dinners, Flagship Amsterdam has it covered. Book in advance, let us know your requests and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please contact us via info@flagshipamsterdam.com

Take a look and enjoy

Our delicious food & drinks menu

All prices are excl. 21% VAT

Basic Package

€ 7,50 p.p.p.h.
  • Beer, white wine, red wine, rosé, water and assorted soft drinks.

Medium Package

€ 9,50 p.p.p.h.
  • Beer, white wine, red wine, rosé, prosecco, water and assorted soft drinks.

Luxury Package

€ 12,50 p.p.p.h.
  • Beer, white wine, red wine, rosé, prosecco, water, hard liquor (vodka/whiskey/rum/gin) and assorted soft drinks.


€ 59,- per bottle
  • Moët & Chandon – Brut Impérial 0,75L

Special Wines

€ on request
  • Please enquire about our special wine list.
Prosecco Boat

All prices are excl. 9% VAT

Nut mix

€ 5 ,-
  • Per portion (4 p.)


€ 7,-
  • Per portion (4 p.)

Bar bites

€ 9,50
  • Nut mix, cheese crackers and olives (4 p.)

Bread basket

€ 6,50
  • With humus, tzatziki and olive oil

Snack platter warm

€ 8,50
  • Van Dobben bitterballen, Vlammetjes (spicy snack), cheese sticks, mini spring rolls and dipping sauces (8 pieces)

Snack platter cold

€ 8,50
  • Old & young cheese, differrent types of sausage, pickled veggies and mustard (8 pieces)

Vegan bitterballen

€ 8,50
  • Enjoy our vegan bitterballen (8 pieces)


Vegan mini spring rolls

€ 8,50
  • Enjoy our mini spring rolls (8 pieces)

Vegan Samosa’s

€ 11,50
  • Enjoy our vegan Samosa’s (8 pieces)

Shrimp croquettes

€ 15,50
  • Enjoy our shrimp croquettes (8 pieces)


€ 13,50
  • 4 types of sausage/ham with olives and pickled veggies.

Dutch cheese

€ 13,50
  • 5 types of Dutch cheese with apple syrup, walnuts and fig bread

All prices are excl. 9% VAT

Luxury snack platter

€ 95,- per platter

– 2 types of cheese
– 2 types of sausage
– Roasted nuts
– Olives
– Different kinds of dips
– Breadsticks
– Baguette

*This platter is for 10 people

Dutch fish platter

€ 23,50 per platter

– Dutch herring
– Steamed mackerel
– ± 100 gr. smoked salmon
– Crayfish cocktails

Mediterranean Platter

€ 24,50 per platter

– Various types of cheese and sausage
– Olives
– Artichoke
– Melon
– Bread with dip

Tapas Platter

€ 24,50 per platter

– Chicken piri piri
– Albondigas
– Prawn croquesttes
– Peppadew
– Bread with aioli

Drinks and Snacks

All prices are excl. 9% VAT

Dutch herring

€ 12,50

– Dutch herring with onions and pickles (4 pieces)


€ 35,-

– Fine de Claire de Bretagne with lemon and red wine vinegar (12 pieces)

Fruits de Mer

€ 25,-

– Cooked mussels
– Scallops
– King prawns
– Shellfish cocktail
– Smoked salmon
– Croutons
– Sweet & sour
– Sauces

Starts from 8 people (Excl. 9% VAT)

Luxury BBQ with chef

€ 28,50 p.p.

– Hamburger
– 2 satay skewers
– Pepper steak
– Shashlik
– Merguez sausage
– Potato salad
– Various sauces
– Bread and garlic butter.

*Vegetarian and Halal optional
*Excl. € 50,- for the chef (excl. 21% VAT)

BBQ boat

Starts from 8 people (Excl. 9% VAT)

Italian pizza's

€ 12,50 p.p.

– Margherita
– Quatro Formaggi
– Pepperoni
– Hawaii
– Funghi

*Glutenfree and vegan optional

Pizza Cruise

Excl. 9% VAT

Luxury homemade burger

€ 12,50 p.p.

– Luxury homemade beef burger with different toppings on a delicious, fresh burger bun.

Excl. 9% VAT


€ 57,50 per platter

– Soft Shell Spicy Tuna Roll (8x)
– Soft Shell Salmon Roll (8x)
– Tempura Ebi Roll (8x)
– California Roll (8x)
– Maki Mix (24x)
– Nigiri Sake (4x)
– Nigiri Maguro (4x)


From 10 people (less than 10 possible for extra cost) Excl. 9% VAT

Traditional High Tea

€ 22,50 p.p.


– Couscous salad with dates and mint
– Sandwiches with smoked bell peppers, cream cheese and cucumber
– Baguette with smoked salmon, onion rings and capers


– Eclairs
– Donuts
– Cheesecake with raspberry
– Chunky chocolate brownie

Excl. 9% VAT


€ 16,50 p.p.

– Tomato soup
– Croquette on a baguette
– Petit dessert


€ 19,50 p.p.

– Baguette with cheese, tomato and pesto
– Baguette with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber
– Tortilla wrap with chicken, grilled vegetables, humus and little gem
– Coleslaw
– Petit dessert
– Fresh fruit salad

Luxury sandwiches

€ €12,50 p.p.

This includes 2 sandwiches with various toppings like:

– Vitello Tonnato
– Caprese
– Carpaccio
– Chicken fillet
– Ham

Available from a minimum of 6 people (excl. 9% VAT)

Satay Buffet

€ 18,50 p.p.

– 3 chicken satay skewers
– Satay sauce
– French fries
– Salad
– Krupuk

Dutch Buffet

€ 27,50 p.p.

– Dutch herring with onions and pickles
– Amsterdam sausage with Kesbeke sweet and sour
– Vegetable salad with Egmonds goat cheese
– Crayfish and Dutch shrimp cocktail

– Seasonal stew with smoked sausage or veal meatballs and a beef gravy
– Roasted sea bass with potatoes, carrots, peas and a white wine based sauce

Vegetarian Buffet

€ 27,50 p.p.

– Caprese salad with pine nuts and basil
– Tabouleh salad of couscous with feta, cilantro salsa and green olives
– Salad with raosted vegetables, sheep cheese and balsamic vinigar

– Spicy tomato/paprika risotto with black olives and rocket
– Pasta with a spicy tomato sauce, ratatouille, smoked paprika and aioli
– Stew with smoked ‘sausage’

Italian Buffet

€ 27,50 p.p.

– Caprese salad with pine nuts and basil
– Vitello Tonnato
– Salad with grilles vegetables, sheep cheese and balsamic vinegar
– Antipasti

– Pasta with roasted chicken, mushroom, black olives, pesto and Parmesan cheese
– Richly filled risotto with salmon, cod and seafood

This menu is seasonal and switches up to 4 times a year (Excl. 9% VAT)

What to choose from

Children’s menu: € 17,50
Two-course menu (main/dessert): € 30,-
Two-course menu (starter/main): € 32,50
Three-course menu & walking dinner: € 43,50
Four-course menu: € 50,-

Children's menu

€ 17,50 p.p.

– Tomato soup
– Pasta with fish/meat or croquette with fries
– Dessert


– Mediterranean frittata with lettuce, fresh herbs, yoghurt dressing and garlic croutons
– Tartare of Norwegian salmon and crayfish with tobiko mayonnaise, cucumber and wasabi krupuk
– Rillettes of Duck confit with sweet and sour, horseradish mayonnaise, plum jam and rosemary bruschetta


– Canneloni with monkfish, prawn, roasted leek and tarragon beurre blanc
– Confit of oxtail, shallots with pumpkin gratin and Madeira sauce
– Roasted guinea fowl supreme with terrine of potato, sauerkraut and bacon/mustard sauce
– Ravioli of cèpes with grilled oyster mushrooms, basil and Parmesan cheese


– Chocolate cappuccino tart with custard pudding and poached pear jam
– Selection of cheeses with fruit loaf, apple syrup and walnuts

Walking Dinner

– Cocktail of crayfish and Dutch shrimps with lettuce and cocktail sauce
– Beef carpaccio with capers, truffle dressing and Parmesan cheese

– Richly filled risotto with salmon, cod and seafood
– Seasonal stew with veal meatballs and a homemade gravy

– Dessert surprise
– 3 types of Dutch cheese with fig bread, walnuts and apple syrup

Walking Dinner Vegetarian

– Tabouleh salad of couscous tabbouleh with feta, cilantro salsa and green olives
– Antipasti

– Green herb risotto with falafel and tahini sauce
– Seasonal stew with various vegetables and olive oil

– Dessert surprise (fruit salad if vegan)
– 3 types of Dutch cheese with fig bread, walnuts and apple syrup

Excl. 9% VAT

Petit Dessert

€ 8,50 p.p.

– 1 sweet item

Grand dessert

€ 13,50 p.p

– 5 different sweet items

Cheese board

€ 13,50 p.p.

– 5 types of Dutch cheese
– Apple syrup
– Walnuts
– Fig bread

Dessert Buffet

€ 14,50 p.p.

– This buffet is seasonal

*Ask for the available options

Diverse food menu

Enjoy our various appetizers, barbecues or simple dishes with family, friends or colleagues.

Customized for any occasion

Create your own menu, whether it's a small snack or a complete barbecue.

Unlimited drinks

Enjoy our drink package with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks.