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Our Story

Our journey to become the best canal cruise company in Amsterdam

Where it all started

In 2017, three young entrepreneurs met on the canals of Amsterdam. They all had their own business and decided to start working together, with the aim of becoming the best canal cruise company in Amsterdam!

Last year Flagship Amsterdam was rated as the second-best day cruise in the World by TripAdvisor, today we are rated as the #1 best day-cruise in the world we have more than 150+ colleagues working with us and have the privilege to connect with customers from all over the world.

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You will recognize Flagship Amsterdam by the white boats and happy sailors in orange outfits.

Let's introduce ourselves...

The journey continues...

Three owners

Three entrepreneurs, one goal!

Flagship Amsterdam is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs (and wannabe pirates) Eduke, Raimon and Silver, who all own 23 beautiful and 100% electric boats. Bothered by the impersonal approach of the cruise companies that dominated the Amsterdam waters,  they headed on to plan a take over. Less tourist traps with boring audio tours and cranky captains and more of the true Amsterdam hospitality with drinks on board and incredibly enthusiastic local hosts.



Tripadvisor 2020 award


In less than a year, Flagship Amsterdam has ranked on TripAdvisor as;

#1 Best Day Cruise Worldwide

#2 Best Experience in Europe

#3 Best Experience Worldwide

Something to be proud of, if you ask us! We owe all that to our dedicated skippers, word of mouth and reviews from our awesome guests. As a result, we grew from 3 to 23 luxury electric boats within a year.

Want the best job in Amsterdam

Want to have the best job in Amsterdam?

Are you a skipper and interested in sailing along the most beautiful canals in the city, while explaining thousands of internationals guests about the most famous monuments, sights, history and other fun facts?

Or have you always wanted to be a tourguide / bartender on board? Become a host/hostess on board of our boats and create a smile on our customers’ face!

*At the moment we don’t have any vacancies until March 2021


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