About Flagship Amsterdam

Get ready for cruising 2.0

Cruising the canals 2.0

Flagship Amsterdam is cruising the canals 2.0. A cruise on a luxury electric sloop instead of an old-fashioned, crowded tourist boat. We got rid of the impersonal approach and chose to do tours for small groups with local skippers that have unique knowledge of their beautiful city, without charging more for it. Are you ready to get to know Amsterdam like no other? Hop on!

You will recognize Flagship Amsterdam by the white boats and happy sailors in orange outfits.

let us give you a Flagship tour

The Journey

How it all started

Flagship Amsterdam is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs (and wannabe pirates) Eduke, Raimon and Silver, that all owned self-made 100% electric boats. Bothered by the impersonal approach of the cruise companies that dominated the Amsterdam waters,  they headed on to plan a take over. Less tourist traps with boring audio tours and cranky captains and more of the true Amsterdam hospitality with drinks on board and incredibly enthusiastic local hosts.

Moving forward

In less than a year, Flagship Amsterdam was ranked #7 ‘Best Experience Worldwide’ on Tripadvisor in 2019. And since we’re title dropping: we have been ranked #2 for the ‘Best day cruise in the world’ and #5 for ‘Best experience in Europe’ as well. Something to be proud of, if you ask us! We owe all that to our dedicated skippers, word of mouth and reviews from our awesome guests. As a result, we grew from 3 to 17 luxury electric boats within the year.

More is coming

Moving forward, we will continue to expand our fleet with new boats and mooring points. The goal is to make cruising the Amsterdam canals 2.0 the new standard. We even added a submarine to our collection. More about that soon…