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Enjoy the Canals of Amsterdam on our

BBQ Boat

BBQ boat

Barbecue Boat

Would you like to sail through the canals of Amsterdam while a private chef is barbecuing for you and your friends? Then the BBQ Boat is the perfect fit for you. Get on board on one of our most luxurious boats. Enjoy the view, the unlimited drinks (beer, wine and soda) and a delicious barbecue package. The Barbecue package is especially prepared  by our chef on the boat, just for you and your company.

  • Already from €59,95 per person;
  • Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks;
  • With professional skipper.


2 hours

Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks

With professional skipper

BBQ Boat with sticks

What is included in the BBQ-package?

The menu consists of pepper steak, shaslick, 2 skewers of chicken satay, sausage, hamburger, green lettuce salad, potato salad, three sauces, original bread and herb butter.

Do you prefer a vegetarian menu? That is possible too!

Additional information about the package

The skipper will be waiting for you at our boarding location Oosterdokskade 8. The location is near Central Station. The skipper will ensure that your drinks are ice cold, so get ready for an unforgettable trip. Enjoy the characteristic canals of Amsterdam and be surprised by the rest of the beautiful route through the city of Amsterdam!

The boat is provided with unlimited beer, wine and soda. And by unlimited, we really mean unlimited!

All our boats are open boats, which is perfect for the summer days. However, if it starts to rain we will cover the boat to make sure that you will stay dry and warm.

All group packages embark and disembark at Oosterdokskade 8, next to the Chinese Restaurant “Seapalace”. This is about a 5 minute walk from Central Station. You can get there easily by public transport. If you come by car, we recommend that you reserve a space at the Oosterdok parking garage.

You can change your booking at any time. Please contact us by e-mail at info@amsterdamboatexperience.com or by phone at 020-2252837.

We have several boats with a toilet on board. Indicate in your request that you would like to have a toilet on board during the trip. If there is no toilet on board, we can also make a stop at one of the restaurants alongside the water.

All packages start from 10 people. You can go on the boat with less than 10 people, but keep in mind that you will pay for 10 people.

Wat mag je verwachten van onze arrangementen?

What to expect

  • 2 hours sailing through the Amsterdam canals with a private ship(per);
  • Well-stocked Dutch bar (with delicious wines);
  • Departure and arrival from Oosterdokskade 8 (Near Central Station);
  • Our prices are based on a minimum group size of 10 guests or more. We also provide arrangements for less guests;
  • View our barbecue menus. From a Standard medium barbecue, to a barbecue XL or a Vegetarian barbecue .

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