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Enjoy the Canals of Amsterdam on our

Drinks & Snacks boat

Drinks & Snacks boat

Drinking with friends?

Would you like to have a drink with friends, family or colleagues, but don’t feel like sitting in a busy cafe? Then choose this boat trip! On one of our boats you will enjoy the city and the water away from the busy streets and bars.

  • Already from € 44,95 per person!
  • Unlimited drinks and snacks;
  • Enjoy a relaxing cruise with drink in hand.

1,5 or 2 hour cruise

Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks

With professional skipper

Drinks & Snacks boat

Unlimited drinks & snacks

This cruise includes unlimited drinks for each passenger. There will also be a drink platter with cheese, sausages, fresh nuts, homemade tapenade, Hummus, egg/truffle dip, breadsticks and baguette. Something for everyone!

In 90 minutes, the captain will take you through the picturesque canals of Amsterdam and you will pass a number of characteristic buildings; the skinny bridge, the Golden Bend of the Herengracht and much more! If you have any questions about the city, the captain can of course answer them.

If you have any special request, feel free to contact us! We are happy to find out together how we can make the perfect tour for you.

Additional information about the package

The skipper will be waiting for you at our boarding location Oosterdokskade 8. The location is near the Central Station. The skipper will ensure that your drinks are ice cold ready for an unforgettable trip. Enjoy the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam and be surprised by a beautiful route through the city of Amsterdam!

The boat is provided with unlimited beer, wine and soda. And by unlimited, we really mean unlimited!

All group packages get on and off board at Oosterdokskade 8, next to the Chinese Restaurant “Seapalace”. This is about a 5 minute walk from Central Station. You can get there easily via public transport. If you come by car, we recommend that you reserve a space at the Oosterdok parking garage.

Do you want to change your booking? Maybe more or fewer people, a glass of prosecco or spirits, BBQ or snacks? You can change your booking at any time. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

We have several boats with a toilet on board. Indicate in your request that you would like to have a toilet on board during the trip. If there is no toilet on board, we can also make a stop at one of the restaurants along the water.

All packages start from 10 people. You can also go on the boat with 2 or 5 people, but keep in mind that you pay for 10 people.

Drinks & Snacks boat

What to expect

  • Discover the picturesque canals of Amsterdam;
  • Unlimited enjoyment is really unlimited enjoyment;
  • Also for special requests;
  • We make the perfect tour for you.

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